Our offers are professionals seed, plant breeders, and diagnostic laboratories and plant research. We work closely with stakeholders from various sectors (ornamental, vegetable, potatoes and fruit) to help control plant pathogens and help to create new varieties and quality control of production batches. Our solutions detection of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are intended mainly for their seed companies who use part of their research programs and for production quality control. Our mission is to contribute to the achievement of quality products and superior returns and the creation of new varieties by delivering reliable and innovative tools for the diagnosis of plant diseases control and detection of transgenic traits.
Agrisera is a Swedish company which supplies most comprehensive plant and algal antibody collection.  All our antibodies are carefully validated by our own testing laboratory or in collaboration with scientist in the field.
Nano Diagnostics, Inc. (NANOD, Inc.) was established in 2004, with a mission to be a leading provider of quality diagnostic products at affordable prices to worldwide customers and to be a world leader in development of modern diagnostic technologies and devices for disease diagnosis. NANOD, Inc. has been engaging in research, development, manufacture and marketing of diagnostic products and technologies for detection of pathogens and diagnosis of diseases. At NANOD, Inc., we believe in diagnostics, and in making contributions to our diagnostic communities and thus to disease control and managements in the world.
The mission of Prime Diagnostics is to supply its customers with high-quality tools, technologies and services that are reliable, easy to use and profitable. Initiated by market and customer needs, Prime Diagnostics develops products in close collaboration with partners from the agricultural sector and renowned research groups. The company has its own modern laboratories for R&D and manufacturing of antibodies. All reagents are produced under strict quality control.
Artron Laboratory Inc., a leader in the progression of in vitro rapid lateral flow test, revolutionizes the market for disease diagnosis and analyte detection. The company produces high quality rapid tests that are affordable and simple to use.
Specializes in phytodiagnostic society SEDIAG offers a wide range of diagnostic kits as well as analysis and manufacture of antibodies way service. Our recognized immunology expertise allows us to provide highly specific antibodies and experimental protocols to our customers. Our products are available worldwide through our large network of distributors.
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