Molecular pipette
Accumax SMART pipette matches all quality parameters required to serve the high end research market 
Bullet Blender® vortexes samples, disrupts cells, and homogenizes tissue
  Liquid Nitrogen storage
Liquid nitrogen liquid storage units for liquid and vapor phase, as well as dewars and dry shipping units
  Rodent research instruments
Braintree Scientific, Inc. provides research equipment and support for medical researchers
Culture media preparator and sterilizer for optimized stecially built as autoclave solely for culture media production
  General laboratory equipment
A range of personal compact, multifunctional, products with an elegant design
  General laboratory equipment
High standard laboratory equipment
Choose from more than 70 different types of autoclaves with chamber volumes from 23 to 1580 liter
 Medical and laboratory freezers
Cryogenic solutions for medical and research laboratories
Bench top centrifuges
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