January 2017
Abcam - Mouse and Rabbit AP/Fast Red (ABC) Detection IHC Kit 
Abcam - Looking for alternatives to Santa Cruz antibodies? 
September 2016 
Abcam - c-Myc and cancer: an alternative to personalized medicine? 
 August 2016
 Biolegend - Sternberger Monoclonals, the Gold Standard as neural and glial markers
 July 2016 
Affymetrix - ViewRNA, look at your RNA transcripts on FFPE with IHC!! 
Abcam - Cancer biomarker panels 
Biolegend - Unlocking the biology of the brain, new neuroscience antibodies 
June 2016 
Monosan - Mouse Breast cancer resistance protein (Bcrp, Abcg2) 
 Monosan - New antibody: Detection of MRP MDR in human tumor samples
 May 2016
Abcam - IHC for paraffin-embedded sections video protocol 
Abnova - New Infectious Disease Kits and Antibodies 
 Biogenex - Xmatrx MINI All-in-One applications for FISH, in situ PCR and ISH
April 2016 
Abcam - Free mounting media when you order any IHC kit until 27 May 2016 
 Abcam - Troubleshooting and using controls in IHC and ICC
Biogenex - New antibodies for cancer research - PMS2 and CK5 
 Abnova - RAS Signaling Cancer Research
 March 2016
Abcam - Guide to Immunostaining 
Abcam - IHC staining protocol for whole mount samples 
Monosan - new list of IHC antibodies available 
Biolegend - Neuroscience : Synaptic Vesicle Exocytosis 
Biogenex - miRNA Probes & Controls on automated IHC system 
 Abcam - Guide to blocking in IHC
 February 2016
  Vector - Veterinary Reagents ImmPRESS™ VR Polymer Detection Kits for farm, pet and lab animal tissues
 January 2016
RNAScope - Steps for Success with RNAscope® Assay, viewing RNA on FFPE for IHC 
The Rockland Advantage - Quality 
 Abnova - Epigenetic Modifications
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