January 2017
 Cytoskeleton - Fixed and Live Cell Fluorescent Actin Probes: Videos, Images, and Citations
 Abcam - Need to replace a Santa Cruz antibody?
 Abcam - Multiplex immunoassays for flow cytometers
October 2016   
Cytognos - Let the Cytognos Application Specialists walk you through a demo on how to analyze minimal residual disease in multiple myeloma using Infinicyt™ 
Abnova - Cell-Surface Vimentin (CSV) 
September 2016  
Abcam - Everything you need to know to choose the best fluorescent protein for biological imaging 
Miltenyi - Learn how to use our new flow cytometry analysis software Flowlogic 
August 2016 
Cytognos - International Myeloma Working Group consensus criteria for response and minimal residual disease assessment in multiple myeloma 
  July 2016
Surmodics - DIARECT™ Antigens: A complete panel of autoimmune, infectious disease and allergen antigens 
Abcam - Multiplex immunoassays for flow cytometers 
CYTOSKELETON - PTMs Regulate Cytoskeletal Proteins in Heart Disease 
Cytoskeleton - Inhibitors of Tubulin Polymerization and Epithelial Scattering 
Biolegend - T-Flex MHC tertamers to study study of antigen-specific T cells 
Biolegend - Unlocking the biology of the brain, new neuroscience antibodies 
  June 2016
Miltenyi - Spotlights on T cells: new developments for translational and basic T cell research 
Abnova - New products for Eukaryotic Transcription Cycle 
Cytoskeleton - Visualize and Measure the Actin Cytoskeleton using these powerful tools 
Innova Biosciences - Fluorescein, Updated and brighter conjugation kit available 
 May 2016
Abnova - New Infectious Disease Kits and Antibodies 
Biolegend - Synaptic function antibodies 
 Organelle markers and dyes
Principles and Practice of Confocal Microscopy in Life Sciences Webinar 
Miltenyi - MACSPlex Exosome Kit, human 
 April 2016
 Abcam - KO (knockout )-validated antibodies
Biolegend - A more stable, high performance alternative to APC/Cy7 
Biolegend - LEGENDplex™ Human Inflammation Panel (13-plex), save money and time on compensation!! R670/sample for 13 plex!! 
March 2016 
Miltenyi - New live/dead dyes for flow cytometry from Miltenyi Biotec 
Abcam - Fluorochrome chart – a complete guide 
Innova - New Antibody Labeling guide 
Biolegend - LEGENDplex™ bead-based immunoassays for your flow cytometer - NHP Chemokine/Cytokine Panel 
Abcam - Direct or indirect immunofluorescence? Let us help improve your staining 
Miltenyi - Our new flow cytometry software wants to say hello 
Biolegend - Neuroscience : Synaptic Vesicle Exocytosis 
 Cytomark - TransFix stabilises leukocytic antigens in human blood for up to 10 days
Enzo - CYTO-ID® Autophagy detection kit 2.0 
Miltenyi - New protocol: Multicolor flow analysis of ES and iPSC cultures 
  February 2016
Abnova - New Discoveries on Neurodegenerative Disorder 
Miltenyi - semiquantitative analysis of differential miRNA expression on flow cytometry 
 Cytoskeleton - Rho-family GTPases: Regulation by Opposing Tetraspanins in Dendritic Cells
 Miltenyi - Let your dim markers shine – VioBright
 Cytoskeleton - Cell Permeable Rho Inhibitor I
 January 2016
Innova Bioscience - Top tips for using Tandems 
Cytoskeleton - Spirochrome Live Cell Reagents Detect and measure endogenous or transfected protein signalling events 
The Rockland Advantage - Quality 
 Cytoskeleton - RhoA and Cdc42 Activity Mediates Podoplanin-induced Tumor Progression
 Abnova - Epigenetic Modifications
Cytoskeleton - Acti-stain™ Fluorescent Phalloidins 
 PE/Dazzle™ 594 - BioLegend’s newest tandem, PE/Dazzle™ 594
Antibody conjugation kits - The fast way to label your primary antibody 
Brilliant Violet - New fluorochrome - More options for your multicolor flow cytometry panels 
 Live/Dead cell discrimination - Zombie - It is critical to understand the degree of cell death in any flow cytometry assay and exclude those cells from the analysis
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